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Selling clothes online can be a simple method of getting quick cash if you already have a platform. Before posting that Gucci bag or designer dress up for sale first read these four tips for selling clothes online which will help you in getting more money for your products.

Know your marketplace

There are different sites that you can use for selling clothes these include garage sales groups in Facebook and Craigslist, consignment shops such as threadup, posh mark, and Therealreal.

Each website caters to a different market. For example, threadup takes anything from new to used up clothes, Therealreal specializes in expensive stuff like Gucci, Prada, Blueberry, and Channel.

Freshen up your clothes

Wrinkled or stained clothes don’t sell well. Make a point of cleaning stained clothes, iron the ones that are wrinkled and repair the ones that need a repair. Always think of the buyer as your best friend. You wouldn’t give your best friend torn or wrinkled clothes. You would want her to receive the items in the perfect condition. Be keen when packaging your items, fold them neatly and place leather bags away from stiletto shoes as they damage the bags.

Take crystal photos

Taking high-quality photos lets your items stand out among other clothes. You need a good lighting and a good camera phone for taking the best shots. Place your piece of clothing on a flat area and place lamps on all the four corners to remove dullness or shadows.

Other consignment stores like threadup will do the work of taking photos for you, and your job is to send your items. Sites like thredup mostly are the ones to determine the pricing of each item leaving you with no voice on how to price the items.

Write an honest and clear description

Inform potential buyer on every tiny detail they are supposed to know on the said item. Give out comprehensive information about size, brand, condition or any other relevant detail. Always inform the buyer If a particular item is scratched or has a minor defect before making the purchase, this will help save your reputation and rating which are very important in some consignment circles.


Follow these online selling tips for your clothes, and you will be making cash in a matter of time. Also, make use of your phone or invest in a good camera for explicitly taking quality pictures of your clothes, be clear and truthful in your product descriptions and you will have buyers streaming to buy from you.