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Online marketplaces are rapidly growing and gaining popularity. The idea of selling clothes or other items online can be time-consuming and a bit intimidating. But for people who want to be online entrepreneurs, having many online listings that are well considered could turn out to be a lucrative business. Below are tips from expert sellers from Grailed, Poshmark, and Depop in getting started and making money online.

  • Pricing items require research

Every seller has a different approach when it comes to selling clothes online and determining the price on each item. You are most likely to have a lot of buyers viewing your page. Be open-minded but also a little bit firm when it comes to negotiations with the clients.

If a buyer comes and tries to offer a lower price on a particular item, don’t disregard the buyer. You can instead try negotiating with him to come up with an amicable solution for both of you. Respond positively to such buyers, they might not have the money at the moment, but they will surely come back again. If you become rude or speak negatively, the chances are that you will never see them again.

  • Be smart when it comes to shipping your items

You can decide to wrap sold item in a simple shipping envelope and be done. But if you want to take your clothing business to the next level, you should consider putting your money in branded packaging. Customers usually appreciate a super cute package.

Learn about international shipping and the various methods of international shipping. Research on some of the challenges that you might face like delays, customs, and declarations. Be smart on your shipments especially when there is bad weather. Use an additional protective gear to your package in case it’s raining to prevent damage of the item.

  • Be consistent when building a following

Majority of the online marketplaces are created due to the buyers and sellers. Being active in the online market will help you in attracting more followers and buyers to your page. You can be active by continually updating your listings, supporting other sellers by following and commenting on their pages, responding to questions asked by customers in a short period and engaging in discussions or commenting on forums or a comment thread.


Everybody starts somewhere, even these expert sellers. They were once where you are, but their persistent and following tips and advice given to them by successful businesspeople is what made the difference. Adhere to the above tips, and you will be on your way to running a successful online clothing store.


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