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If you are thinking of selling clothes on eBay the women’s clothing segment is one of the best places, to begin with. The women’s sections have multiple brands of clothes that you can’t even finish to count. eBay has numerous brands of clothing some that we have also never heard of. Below we have listed some of the clothing brands that are popular and that you can sell on eBay.

Lulu Lemon

Lulu Lemon is a fashion designer who designs women’s gym wear. New leggings are sold for about 100$, and t-shirts range between 50$-60$. The exciting thing about this brand is the fact that it can retain its value in a good way.

Leggings that are slightly used are sold at 40$, and already worn tanks tops are sold for almost a new price of 50$. The easiest way of finding clothes by lulu lemon is by looking for the lulu lemon sign. Also if you are interested in jackets and hoodies be on the lookout as they only cost 100$.

Dale of Norway

Numerous Norwegian companies produce a high-quality woolen sweater, but none beats Dale of Norway. The brand has been there since the year 1879 so people have had a lot of time to donate sweaters. Most of Dale of Norway sweaters are vintage sweaters that were worn in the early 60s and 70s.

The sweaters are sold for 40$-50$. People are more attracted to the bright and floral sweater which range from 80$-100$. If you want to know a brand is made from Norwegian wool, you can check at the end of the material or on the price tag as Norwegian brand is always marked.

Victoria’s Secret

We have all heard about the famous brand of Victoria’s secret. It’s one of the biggest retailers of women’s lingerie. You can find this brand in any thrift shop.


Burberry is among the few companies that sell high-quality clothes, and If you visit Burberry, you can be guaranteed to leave with an empty wallet. Burberry has been around for centuries and even made clothes for both the world wars. You can find Burberry clothing in thrift shops. The most sought-after garments in Burberry include trench coats, jackets, and coats.


You can try selling clothes from the above brands if you want to make a kill in eBay. Women love to look good and feel admirable even if it means parting with several dollars. Try some of these brands, and you’ll surely not regret it.